CDSLabs - Towards the Next Generation CERN Institutional Repository


2016 (San Francisco, Oct 2016)


Ludmila Marian et al. (presenter TBD)

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Talk (poster)


CERN Document Server (CDS) is the CERN Institutional Repository, playing a key role in the storage, dissemination and archival for all research material published at CERN, as well as multimedia and some administrative documents. As CERN’s document hub, it joins together submission and publication workflows dedicated to the CERN experiments, but also to the video and photo teams, to the administrative groups, as well as outreach groups.


In the past year, Invenio, the software platform underlying CDS, has been undergoing major changes, transitioning from a digital library system to a digital library framework, and moving to a new software stack (Invenio is now built on top of the Flask web development framework, using Jinja2 template engine, SQLAlchemy ORM, JSONSchema data model, and Elasticsearch for information retrieval). In order to reflect these changes on CDS, we are launching a parallel service, CDSLabs, with the goal of offering our users a continuous view of the reshaping of CDS, as well as increasing the feedback from the community in the development phase, rather than after release.


The talk will provide a detailed view on the new and improved features of the next generation CERN Document Server, as well as its design and architecture. The talk will then cover how the new system is shaped to be more user driven, and to respond better to different needs from different user communities (Library, Experiments, Video team, Photo team, and others), and what mechanisms have been put in place to synchronise the data on the two parallel systems. As a showcase, the talk will present more in depth the architecture and development of a new workflow for submitting and disseminating CERN videos.

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