CERN AFS Replacement


2016 (San Francisco, Oct 2016)


J. Iven et al.

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OpenAFS is the legacy solution for a variety of use cases at CERN, most notably home-directory services. OpenAFS has been used as the primary shared file-system for Linux (and other) clients for more than 20 years, but despite an excellent track record the project's age and architectural limitations are becoming more evident. We are now working to offer an alternative solution based on existing CERN storage services. The new solution will offer evolved functionality while reducing risk factors compared to the present status, and is expected to eventually benefit from operational synergies.

In this paper we will present CERN's usage and an analysis of our technical choices: we will focus on the alternatives chosen for the various use cases (among them EOS, CERNBox, CASTOR); on implementing the migration process over the coming years; and the challenges expected to come up during the migration.

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