CERN Digital Memory project status report


2016 (San Francisco, Oct 2016)


JY Le Meur

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Talk (poster)


This talk reports on the status of the new CERN Digital Memory project.
From the repeated observation that a fraction of content digitally-produced by CERN has been lost or is threaten to be lost, a review of information systems in use at CERN has been carried out and actions have been proposed to move towards a common and standard OAIS based approach for long term digital preservation of CERN assets.
The first part of the talk will explain the rationale of such a project, looking at world wide evolution and current practices. The second part will describe the status of the implementation of digital preservation according to the ISO Norm 14721 and what has been achieved so far. Finally, a third part will explore innovative processes to collect missing knowledge worth being transmitted to future generations.

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