EOS outside HEP


2016 (San Francisco, Oct 2016)


X. Espinal et al.

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In the competitive 'market' for large-scale storage solution, EOS has been showing its excellence in the multi-Petabyte high-concurrency regime. It has also shown a disruptive potential in powering the CERNBox service in providing sync&share capabilities and in supporting innovative analysis environments along the storage of LHC data. EOS has also generated interest as generic storage solution ranging from university systems to very large installations for non-HEP applications. While preserving EOS as an open software solution for our community, we teamed up with the Comtrade company (within the CERN OpenLab framework) to productise this HEP contribution to ease its adoption by interested parties, notably outside HEP.

In this paper we will deliver a status report of this collaboration and of EOS adoption.

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