First results from a combined analysis of CERN computing infrastructure metrics


2016 (San Francisco, Oct 2016)


Dirk Duellmann, Christian Nieke, Krystof Borkovec

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The IT Analysis Working Group (AWG) has been formed at CERN across individual computing units and the experiments to attempt a cross cutting analysis of computing infrastructure and application metrics. In this presentation we will describe the first results obtained using medium/long term data (1 months - 1 year) correlating box level metrics, job level metrics from LSF and HTCondor, I/O metrics from the physics analysis disk pools (EOS) and networking and application level metrics from the experiment dashboards.
We will cover in particular the measurement of hardware performance and prediction of job durations, the latency sensitivity of different job types and a search for bottlenecks with the production job mix in the current infrastructure. The presentation will conclude with the proposal of a small set of metrics to simplify drawing conclusions also in the more constrained environment of public cloud deployments.

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