Indico 2.0 - the whole Iceberg


2016 (San Francisco, Oct 2016)


P. Ferreira et al.

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The last two years have been atypical to the Indico community, as the development team undertook an extensive rewrite of the application and deployed no less than 9 major releases of the system. Users at CERN have had the opportunity to experience the results of this ambitious endeavor. They have only seen, however, the "tip of the iceberg".


Indico 2.0 employs a completely new stack, leveraging open source packages in order to provide a web application that is not only more feature-rich but, more importantly, builds on a solid foundation of modern technologies and patterns. But this milestone represents not only a complete change in technology - it is also an important step in terms of user experience and usability that opens the way to many potential improvements in the years to come.


In this article, we will describe the technology and all the different dimensions in which Indico 2.0 constitutes an evolution vis-à-vis its predecessor and what it can provide to users and server administrators alike. We will go over all major system features and explain what has changed, the reasoning behind the most significant modifications and the new possibilities that they pave the way for.


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