RapidIO as a multi-purpose interconnect


2016 (San Francisco, Oct 2016)


Sima Baymani et al


High Performance Computing
Data Acquisition

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RapidIO (http://rapidio.org/) technology is a packet-switched high-performance fabric, which has been under active development since 1997. Originally meant to be a front side bus, it developed into a system level interconnect which is today used in all 4G/LTE base stations world wide. RapidIO is often used in embedded systems that require high reliability, low latency and scalability in a heterogeneous environment - features that are highly interesting for several use cases, such as data analytics and data acquisition networks.

We will present the results of evaluating RapidIO in a Data Analytics environment, from setup to benchmark. Specifically, we will share the experience of running ROOT and Hadoop on top of RapidIO.

To demonstrate the multi-purpose characteristics of RapidIO, we will also present the results of investigating RapidIO as a technology for high-speed Data Acquisition networks using a generic multi-protocol event-building emulation tool.

In addition we will present lessons learned from implementing native ports of CERN applications to RapidIO.

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