Update on CERN Search based on SharePoint 2013


2016 (San Francisco, Oct 2016)


Andreas Wagner (Alexandre Lossent for presentation)

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poster (paper / talk)


CERN’s enterprise Search solution “CERN Search” provides a central search solution for users and CERN service providers. A total of about 20 million public and protected documents from a wide range of document collections is indexed, including Indico, TWiki, Drupal, SharePoint, JACOW, E-group archives, EDMS, and CERN Web pages. 
In spring 2015, CERN Search was migrated to a new infrastructure based on SharePoint 2013. In the context of this upgrade, the document pre-processing and indexing process was redesigned and generalised. The new data feeding framework allows to profit from new functionality and to facilitate the long term maintenance of the system. 

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