XROOT development update - support for meta-links and extreme copy


2016 (San Francisco, Oct 2016)


Michal Simon, Andrew Hanushevsky

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XRootD is a distributed, scalable system for low-latency file access. It is the primary data access framework for the high-energy physics community. One of the latest developments in the project has been to incorporate metalink and segmented file transfer technologies.
We report on the implementation of the metalink metadata format support within XRootD client. This includes both the CLI and the API semantics. Moreover, we give an overview of the employed segmented file transfer mechanism that exploits metalink-based data sources. Its aim is to provide multisource file transmission (BitTorrent-like), which results in increased transfer rates.

The final abstract for this poster will be submitted upon Michal's return to CERN early April.

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