Data Centre

The CERN Data Centre, also known as the Computer Centre, houses servers and data storage systems not only for Tier-0 of the WLCG and for other physics analysis, but also for systems that are critical to the daily functioning of the Laboratory.

Continuous maintenance and upgrades guarantee the operation of the critical sytems in the event of a serious incident such as an extended power cut. Power capacity of the Data Centre is currently at 3.5 MW.

In a complementary effort to cope with the increasing requirements for LHC computing, the Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Budapest, Hungary is operating as an extension to the CERN Data Centre. The Wigner Centre hosts CERN equipment that substantially extends the capabilities of the LHC Computing Grid Tier-0 activities. This remote capacity site also ensures full business continuity for the critical systems in case of a major problem on CERN's Meyrin site.

The CERN Tier-0 in Meyrin currently provides around 45 PetaBytes of data storage on disk and 90 PetaBytes on tape for physics, and includes the majority of the 100,000 processing cores in the CERN Data Centre. The Wigner Centre extends this capacity with 20,000 cores and 5.5 PB of disk data, and will see this doubling after 3 years.


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