Collaboration & Information Services


Provides a range of collaboration and information services in the domains of communication including webcast, lecture recording and video conferencing, conference and meeting management including Indico, room booking, public screens and conference room operation, document management including CDS, MultiMedia, Bulletins and the Invenio software, E-Publishing including the CERN Report publication, and printing including the PrintShop and site-wide copier and printing.

Group sections

Section Acronym Description
AudioVisual and Collaborative Services IT-CIS-AVC

AudioVisual and Collaborative Services

Digital Library Services IT-CIS-DLS

Digital Library Services

Digital Library Technology IT-CIS-DLT

Digital Library Technology


The following services are under the responsibility of this team

Service Responsible Description
Bulletin Service IT-CIS-DLS

This service is taking care of the online version of bulletins composed of articles submitted and archived in the CERN Document Server (CDS). Currently, these include the CERN Bulletin, ECHO, the CMS Bulletin, past articles of ATLAS E-news and of the CERN Computer News letter (CNL).

CDS Service / Digital Library Services IT-CIS-DLS

Digital Document Service includes functional elements related to document management:

Conference Rooms Service IT-CIS-AVC

This service ensures the installation, maintenance, operation and support of the audiovisual infrastructure used within the main CERN meeting rooms and auditoria.
It also offers a limited number of audiovisual equipment on loan.

E-Publishing IT-CIS-DLS

This service is responsible for copy-editing scientific texts such as CERN reports, school proceedings etc. This includes checking for clarity and consistency, grammar and spelling, style and layout.

MultiMedia Service IT-CIS-DLS

The Multimedia Service ensures the quality and consistency of multimedia (audio, graphics, animation, video) files and metadata that are uploaded onto the CERN Document Server (CDS).

Public Information Display Service IT-CIS-AVC

The service is responsible for the public information screens installed in public places on the CERN sites.

It does not support the legacy cathodic TVs which still display the machine statuses on the old analogue TV cable network (CATV).

Video Conferencing Service IT-CIS-AVC

This service provides a desktop videoconference software called Vidyo. It also ensures the maintenance and support for video conferencing systems in CERN equipped meeting rooms. CERN has a room endpoint infrastructure based on industry standard videoconferencing units (using H.323 and SIP protocols)


Indico is a web application which provides features for organising events of all sizes, ranging from lectures to big conferences. It consists in a main server, a search engine, and a document conversion server. People also rely on the Indico main server in order to book CERN physical meeting rooms, videoconference sessions and to request their event to be webcasted and recorded.



Vidyo allows users to make point-to-point calls or multipoint videoconference meetings from their desktop machines, tablets and smartphones, H323/SIP equipped meeting rooms and from traditional phone lines. 

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