Compute & Monitoring


Responsible for service delivery and evolution of Compute, Monitoring and Infrastructure tools services for the CERN Tier-0 Data Centre and the Worlwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG).

The group's activities were described in more detail at the IT Technical Forum in Autumn 2016.

Group sections

Section/acronym/contact Description
Monitoring & Messaging


Leader: Alberto Aimar

Provide dashboards and tools for monitoring and messaging of the Tier-0 and WLCG resources >> more

Linux & Configuration Support


Leader: Juan Manuel Guijarro

Provide Linux Support and Configuration Management Infrastructure for CERN computing resources >> more

Infrastructure Services


Leader: Gavin McCance

Provide high-level compute services to the CERN Tier-0 and WLCG  >> more

Resource Provisioning Services


Leader: Jan Van Eldik

The IT-CM-RPS section provides Compute Services for CERN Tier-0 and WLCG. >> more

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Leader: Tim Bell
Deputy: Gavin McCance
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