Database Services


The following services are under the responsibility of this team

Service Responsible Description
Accelerator Database Service IT-DB-DBF

This service provides tailored support for accelerator related database applications.

Experiment Database Service IT-DB

This service provides support for Oracle-based services to the Physics community at CERN, in particular for applications related to detector conditions, PVSS, bookkeeping, file transfers, physics production processing, detector construction and calibration, and LHC Computing Grid services (such as the LCG file catalog LFC or the gLite file transfer FTS, the grid monitoring tools and experiments dashboards).

General Purpose Database Service IT-DB

This service provides, operates and maintains the backend and middle-tier infrastructure for database applications as well as database expertise for software developers.

General Purpose Databases include the IT and the Engineering databases.


Leader: Eric Grancher
Deputy: Eva Dafonte Perez

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