The Database Services Group (IT-DB) is responsible for current and future databases and their platform for accelerators, experiments and administrative services. It is also in charge of hosting Java Web applications as well as critical engineering and administration applications at CERN scale. Moreover, the group provides scale-out analytics services including Hadoop, Spark and Kafka for CERN and the LHC experiments.

For all these services, the group is responsible to work with its users’ community to define the future generation of the services. In a number of cases, the group members also work with the WLCG Tier1 and Tier2 sites to deploy services all across the computing sites.

Group sections

Section/acronym/contact Description
Relational Database services


Leader: Eva Dafonte Perez

The section is responsible for the centralised Oracle relational databases service used by the CERN community and the LHC experiments.
It... >> more

Infrastructure, Management & Storage Services


Leader: Artur Wiecek

The section provides platforms for hosting critical engineering and administration services.
This consists of platforms for Java web hosting... >> more

Scalable Analytics Solutions


Leader: Jose Carlos Luna Duran

This section of the IT-DB group works with the Experiments, Accelerator sector, IT and other CERN communities interested in analysing data at... >> more

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Leader: Eric Grancher
Deputy: Eva Dafonte Perez
Group & section members: List

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