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Mobile Telephony connectivity issues in France 7 Sep 2016

Following the restrictions enforced by the French and Swiss authorities, Swisscom was obliged to turn off its transmitters in France on 29th August, 2016 ( Since that date, the coverage in the French area of CERN has been provided by Orange France

CERN mobile contract changes in France 25 Aug 2016

Following recent discussions with the French and Swiss authorities, it has become clear that it is not permitted for a mobile telephony provider from one host state to transmit signals from the territory of the other. As a result, the Swisscom transmitters in France will be turned off on 29th August. From that date, coverage in France will be provided by Orange France.

Please, follow this link for further information.

Réorganisation du réseau informatique « bureaux » 12 Aug 2016

(Version anglaise ici)

General Purpose (office) Network Reorganisation 10 Aug 2016

(Version francaise ici)

New phone number access point for Vidyo in France 6 Jul 2015

Dear All,

I have the pleasure to announce, after several requests, a new phone access point in France for Vidyo meetings. The number is at +33481077580.

New VidyoDesktop version 3.5 for Win and Mac 6 Jul 2015

Dear All,

From July 3rd, there is a new version of VidyoDesktop available. Some of the features are the following:

New In-Call Capabilities 

Vidyo Survey 2014 11 Nov 2014

Dear All,

I would ask you please to fill the survey about the service available here:

New Lync Version Available 5 Nov 2014

Version 14.0.10 of Lync for the Mac is available from the CERN Mac Software Repository. This version works with OS X Yosemite.

VidyoDesktop, Proxy setting and Institutes Firewalls 30 Oct 2014

Dear All,

CERN Vidyo is now running on version 3.2 22 Oct 2014

The CERN Vidyo Service is now running on version 3.2.

Apart of some bug fixes, and general performance improvements, I would like to call your attention to 2 new aspects:

Bash Vulnerability 22 Oct 2014

Crtical vulnerabilities have been found in the bash shell provided by all versions of OS X.

Apple released OS X 10.10 Yosemite 22 Oct 2014

On October 17th Apple has rleased OS X 10.10 "Yosemite". It fixes many security issues, a few bugs and it contains a lot of new functionality.

Vidyo Infrastructure Upgrade from 3.0.4 to 3.2 - 21st of October 3 Oct 2014

Dear All,

VidyoDesktop client upgrade to 3.3.0-027 17 Sep 2014

Dear All,

New Vidyo Phone Number at BNL 21 Aug 2014

A new phone number to access Vidyo meetings will be available at BNL: +16313442616

The full list of phone numbers is available here:

CERN switches to Comic Sans style 1 Apr 2014

From today, all of CERN's official communication channels are switching to exclusive use of the font Comic Sans.

Mac OS X 10.9.2 fixes critical SSL bug 26 Feb 2014

On Tuesday, 25/02/2014, Apple released Mac OS X 10.9.2, which includes a fix for a major SSL security flaw that came to light last Friday.

Vidyo Upgrade 3.0.1 11 Feb 2014

February 13th 2014: Vidyo software upgrade to version 3.0.1

Main features available after the upgrade:

Indico (already in place after the last update of Indico): 

Vidyo Recordings 9 Dec 2013

We have now enabled the possibility of recording Vidyo Meetings directly from Vidyo.

Please refer to the set of links below:

Service Description:

New telephone number to access Vidyo in the US 8 Nov 2013

Dear Vidyo users,

New CERN only public interface 20 Jun 2013

Upon popular demand we created a new restriction level called 'CERN' (C), repositories coming form the default restriction level 'Restrcited' (R), will see activated a read only anonymous access av

Jira project "Central Jira Actions" closed 29 May 2013

 The Jira project  "Central Jira actions" is now closed.

Mac computers available from CERN Stores 17 May 2013

Mac hardware is now available from the CERN stores. Please order them directly from the EDH CERN Stores Catalogue.

New phone access point at CERN: 71400 (from the outside +41227671400) 4 Apr 2013

CERN 4th of April 2013:

Vidyo updates: New IVR, New Phone Bridge in Germany, more routers 11 Mar 2013

There are 3 updates of the Vidyo service this week:

1) the IVR at CERN is finally load balanced and it's now sitting on a new ip address:

Configure printer from your web browser 1 Mar 2013

The service enabling Mac users to find and configure printers directly from the Printing Services web pages is now available at: ht

First Month of Vidyo operation as the official collaboration service for the LHC community 18 Feb 2013

This is a summary of the first month of full operation of the Vidyo Service for the LHC community, since becoming the sole provider on January 1st 2013



Vidyo Desktop Clients - New Version build 11 Feb 2013

Vidyo Desktop clients (all platforms) have a new build published in the CERN Vidyoportal. This version contains small bug fixes and stability issues. 

New phone access in Czech Republic (Cesnet): +420950072376 20 Nov 2012

Following the plan of extending phone access to several countries and institutes we have now a new phone access number in Cesnet (Czech Republic):


New phone access in Netherlands (Nikhef): +31207165248 12 Nov 2012

Following the plan of extending phone access to several countries and institutes we have now a new phone access number in Netherlands (Nikhef):


Vidyo release 2.2.2 in production 5 Nov 2012

July 8th 2013: Vidyo software upgraded to version 2.2.2

Main features available after the upgrade:

Vidyo phone access point survey 2 Nov 2012

Participate in the survey to allow prioritisation of the creation of new worldwide phone access points.

JIRA central Issue Tracking Service (ITS) presented on ITUM 7 3 May 2012

The JIRA central Issue Tracking Service (ITS) will be presented on ITUM 7.

Hyperthreading being rolled out all over LXBATCH 2 Apr 2012

A significant fraction of the available batch hardware now support SMT (hyperthreading).

Batch service updating to SLC5.8 2 Apr 2012

The batch service is being updated to SLC5.8.
The SLC5.8 software has been tested on preprodcution batch (around 10% of public resources) and is now rolling out over the entire system.

Atlascat resource merge to public 2 Apr 2012

The atlascatlong and atlcatshort dedicated resource groups have been merged with the public batch resources.

International Masterclasses 2013 on Vidyo 7 Mar 2012

Each year about 6000 hi

Next ENTICE meeting 26 Feb 2012

There will be an ENTICE meeting on the 12th March.  Details are available at the ENTICE indico site.

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