Full title of project: 

Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration


The goal of AARC is to address technical and functional gaps that prevent the interoperability of existing R&E AAIs.The AARC main objectives are:

  1. to deliver the design of an integrated cross-discipline AAI framework, built on federated access production services (eduGAIN)
  2. increase the uptake of federated access within different research communities  
  3. pilot critical components of the proposed integrated AAI where existing production services do not address user needs and 
  4. validate the results of both the JRA and SA by engaging with the research communities.

The AARC goals are expected to be achieved by researching main technical and policy aspects, supporting commercial services relevant to the R&E community and delivering training to targeted user communities (e.g. libraries, biomedical, arts and humanities) on both technical and legal aspects.

CERN Contact: 

Romain Wartel, Hannah Short

CERN/IT contribution: 

NA2 - training, dissemination and outreach

NA3 – policies and operational models

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