Full title of project: 

Linking data, services and communities towards predictive modelling of the biosphere


The mission of EGI-Engage is to accelerate the implementation of the Open Science Commons vision, where researchers from all disciplines can have easy and open access to the innovative digital services, data, knowledge and expertise they need for their work.

The Open Science Commons is grounded on three pillars: the e-Infrastructure Commons, an ecosystem of key services; the Open Data Commons, where any researcher can access, use and reuse data; and the Knowledge Commons, in which communities have shared ownership of knowledge and participate in the co-development of software and are technically supported to exploit state-of-the-art digital services.

CERN Contact: 

David Foster, Romain Wartel

CERN/IT contribution: 

NA2 WP5/SA1.2 (security operation)

WP6/SA2.1 (security training)

CERN will also  lead the task on Cross-border procurement of e-Infrastructure services.

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