EU-funded projects

Participating in European Union projects strengthens CERN's existing collaborations and creates new links with European universities, laboratories and industrial partners, complementing the main R&D programmes of the Organization.

See also - Guide to European Commission Projects for CERN/IT department (CERN login required)

Framework Programme 7

During the first three years of Framework Programme 7 (2007-2009), CERN participated in successful proposals for 29 new EU projects with durations of two to five years. Of these new projects, 13 are coordinated by CERN, an increase from FP6.

In addition to the Research Infrastructure, e-Infrastructure, and Marie-Curie programmes, in which CERN has been actively involved for some time, the Organization is also participating in the Cooperation, Science and Society, and Ideas programmes of FP7.

Currently, more than 200 staff, fellows and associates are working on different EU projects at CERN.


See the list of current projects, or refer to the archive.

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