Full title of project: 

Helix Nebula the Science Cloud


Over the coming 10-15 years the generation of vast amounts of data created by scientific research domains will create enormous challenges for capturing, managing  and processing of this data. Tests have been made but today commercial cloud services do not play a significant role in the production computing environments for the publicly funded research sector in Europe. Stimulated by the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) commitment of leading research organisations from 7 countries, HNSciCloud will pull together commercial cloud service providers, publicly funded e-Infrastructures and the buyers’ in-house resources to build a hybrid cloud platform on top of which a competitive marketplace of European cloud players can develop their own services for a wider range of users. This project will bring Europe’s technical development, policy and procurement activities together to remove fragmentation and maximise exploitation. The alignment of commercial and public (regional, national, and European) strategies will increase the rate of innovation. Through a competitive series of design, prototype and pilot steps, HNSciCloud will contract suppliers to deliver a 5% scale deployment of a hybrid cloud platform that can address the extreme needs of world class scientific research.

CERN Contact: 

Bob Jones, Rachida Amsaghrou, Dante Gregorio

IT group(s) involved: 
CERN/IT contribution: 

Work Package 1 leader

Work Package 2 leader

Lead Procurer

CERN/IT resources provided: 

EUR 600K for the procurement of Cloud Service resources + Project management effort of Bob Jones

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