Desktop OS comparison

CERN IT supports a range of operating systems, but support levels and procedures for desktop computers vary between operating systems (OS).

Which operating system to choose?

In general, there is a good inter-operability between different operating systems, i.e. a data file created on one OS can be read and modified on a different OS. At the same time, there may be important functional differences in application functionality between operating systems, for example Microsoft Excel macros written on Windows will not work in Microsoft Excel on a Mac. Depending on your work environment and your personal preference one OS can be better adapted to your needs than other.

If you are not sure which operating system to choose for your new computer, please consider:

  • CERN support scope for the given OS – does it satisfy your requirements?
  • Your required software tools – are they available for the OS you are considering?
  • Popularity in your work environment – is the given OS commonly used by your colleagues?

For detailed comparison between desktop operating systems at CERN, please see the answers to specifc questions from the chapter list on the right.

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