Site management

Once you haver your Drupal site created, you have a very powerful tool to manage advanced aspects of the site. You can access it through:


Remember that you must be part of the drupal admins egroup of the page to be able to access these tools. There are many useful actions you can perform from here:

File access Allows access to your files in the server.
Database administration Allows to see and modify the data stored in the database of your site.
Backup and Restore You can manage your site backups, and allows to restore from a previous backed up version.
Clone a site Clone from a site of which you are admin.
Memcache Increases the performance of the site, but has its drawbacks.
Logs See what happened to your site from the Apache logs.
Error Display Show/hide PHP errors.
Staged Updates Setup Enable/Disable the staged updates.
Modules Report See what modules you have installed in your site.
SSO Authorization Configure which identities can login to your site.
E-groups E-group settings in Drupal.
Statistics See the statistics for your site.


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