File Access

This document explains how to configure WebDAV clients to access Drupal files. This is useful when you are doing development or if there are needs to upload specific files to particular parts of the Drupal space. It also allows manual cleaning in the event of errors. You can choose between different methods to access to the files.

1. Web browser

Login as administrator and navigate to Configuration->[SYSTEM]CERN Infrastructure->File access or directly at

  • https://<sitename> for Drupal 7, or
  • https://<sitename> for Drupal 8

You will be able to navigate through the directory structure, create new folders, and upload files.

If you need more control, like deleting files/folder, you will need to use another method to mount locally the WebDAV volume. That is described below.

2. Windows - Microsoft WebDAV client - graphical interface

Note: Some users have reported problems with long timeouts and retries using the Microsoft WebDav client. While waiting for a fix from Microsoft, it is recommended to use the cyberduck option outlined below.

  • Open Computer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Computer
  • Click Map network drive



  • In the Drive list, you can choose any available letter
  • In the folder box, enter WebDAV client direct link for your site
  • Make sure the "Connect using different credentials" box is selected
  • To connect every time you log on to your computer, select the "Reconnect at logon" check box
  • Click Finish

You will be prompted for your CERN username and password.  Do not include Windows domain with your username.



Drupal files are now available as a network drive in your computer:



3. Windows - Microsoft WebDAV client - command line

To map a network drive you can use the following command:

net use * /user:myuserwithoutdomain mypassword


4. Linux - Nautilus

  • Open File Browser
  • Click File -> Connect to Server
  • Enter details as shown below (with appropriate site name and username for your site)



5. Linux - Cadaver (

Cadaver is a command-line WebDAV client for Linux systems. The advantage of this client is that it can be used in scripts for automated upload/download of files. You can connect as follows:

# cadaver
  Authentication required for Sign in with your CERN account on server `':
  Username: gtimofie
  Password: **********


6. Mac - Finder

  • In Finder select "Connect to Server" and provide Server Address: (replace drupal by your site name)
  • In the next window, choose Connect as "Registered User"
    User: your CERN username, do not include CERN domain name
    Password: your CERN password
  • Click Connect


7. Windows - Cyberduck

Cyberduck is an open source webdav client (along with supporting many other protocols). It can be used to work around issues with Windows 7 connecting to sites which repeatedly request the user id / password.

To download cyberduck, go to and select the installation image you wish from the block.

On starting cyberduck, click on 'OpenConnection'


  • Protocol is WebDav (HTTP/SSL)
  • Server is the name of your site (such as
  • Unselect the checkbox for anonymous login (so you can enter your CERN credentials)
  • User name is your CERN account
  • Password is the password for your CERN account
  • In 'More Options', enter the path of "/_site/files"
  • Select Connect

A list of files in the site should then appear.


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