How to request a subscription / SIM / mobile phone

  1. You need a subscription only

You already have a mobile phone but you need a CERN SIM card. 

To create or modify a subscription (CERN SIM card) you have to fill in this EDH Document.
Please, indicate in the EDH request the type of SIM card you need (MACRO/MINI or NANO).

When the EDH document is approved, you will be notified by the Telecom Lab to come with your handset to install the CERN SIM card in it.

Outside contractors cannot buy a CERN handset but can have a CERN SIM card. See the adequate procedure.

  1. You need a mobile phone and a subscription

You have neither a mobile phone nor a CERN SIM card.

Please fill in this EDH Document only. This will enable you to request both the mobile phone and the CERN-SIM card at the same time.
Please, indicate in the EDH request the type of SIM card you need (MACRO/MINI or NANO).

You will be notified by an automatic e-mail when your handset and your CERN SIM card are ready for collection. Note that in this case the collection point is at the CERN stores (bldg 73).

  1. You already have a CERN SIM card and you need to purchase a new mobile phone.

CERN GSM handsets and accessories are listed on the CERN Store's catalogue.

GSM handsets are delivered at the desk of the CERN Stores. You will be notified by an automatic e-mail when your handset is ready for collection.

  1. You want to modify your subscription

    Please fill in this EDH Document in the following cases:

    • you need to change your subscription type, activate or deactivate the private option;
    • you need to change the name of the responsible person;
    • you need to change the budget code of a subscription; 
    • you need to suspend, cancel, or reactivate your subscription.
  1. SIM card exchange

    There are two kind of SIM cards, Micro/Mini (standard) and Nano. The first one is used by mostly all devices (Nokia, Samsung...) while the nano is used by the most recent models (iPhone 5 or later, new Microsoft models, Samsung Galaxy A...).

    Micro / Mini SIM (Dual cut) - NANO SIM

    Micro/Mini (standard) SIM Dual cut                                   NANO SIM

    • In case you need to change your existing SIM card for a micro or nano one, please go directly to the Telecom Lab desk. The replacement can be done in a few minutes.
    • Changing SIM cards directly by Swisscom (Swisscom Shop /Hotline or online forms) is not permitted since our SIM cards are pre configured for the CERN subscriptions. 
    • In case you need a nano Sim card for a new subscription, please indicate it in the EDH request. The Telecom Lab will prepare the NANO SIM for your new subscription.
  1. Return obsolete mobile phones

Obsolete handsets must be returned and collected by the CERN stores or Telecom Lab in order to be destroyed.

It is strongly recommended that you reset your mobile phone in order to delete all your personal data (e-mail accounts, messages, photos, contacts etc.) before you give it back to your Secretariat or the Telecom Lab.

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