New VidyoDesktop version 3.5 for Win and Mac

Dear All,

From July 3rd, there is a new version of VidyoDesktop available. Some of the features are the following:

New In-Call Capabilities 

For first-time users of VidyoDesktop, displays the list of Vidyo conference participants by default. Users can manually hide or show the participants list while in a call, and the user’s selection is remembered for subsequent calls. 

Displays the conference in a small window when sharing the whole desktop during a call. 

Allows the user to control the shared applications while still viewing the Vidyo conference.

When using more than a single screen, the application’s UI will move to one of the screens that is not being shared. 

Displays non-authenticated users as “(Guest) display name” on the participants list to enhance conference security. Doc. Rev A June, 2015

Allows the room owner to easily control the meeting through the VidyoDesktop in-call participants list: Muting the audio, muting the video, and disconnecting other participants. 

Locking and unlocking the room while in the call. Displays the user’s speaker, microphone, and camera mute status on-screen while in a call.

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