Vidyo Upgrade 3.0.1

February 13th 2014: Vidyo software upgrade to version 3.0.1

Main features available after the upgrade:

Indico (already in place after the last update of Indico): 

  • new Vidyo Search where people can attach Vidyo rooms already existing to a Indico event avoiding to create a new one or to use only the cloned one from previous meetings
  • not possible anymore to see the PIN directly from Indico, for security constraints derived from the Vidyo API in which Indico relies on. Users will have to distribute it via email, or manually publish it on the Indico event page.

VidyoClient for Desktops (MacOSX, Windows and several Linux flavours)

  • new look&feel
  • up to 16 simultaneously displayed videos
  • chat engine built in (either private chat as global meeting chat)

The clients for all platforms are available here:

VidyoMobile client:

  • no changes for now with this upgrade


  • users won’t need to subscribe anymore on to have an account. The first time they login the account will be imported in the system.
  • the login is on the client directly instead of the portal.
  • the portal is almost completely bypassed except for the 1st time download and for the moderator controls (that can be started from the client itself).


  • plugin that allows guests will be able to use and participate in Vidyo meetings without the need to install the VidyoClient

Google Services Plug-ins, MS Outlook and MS Lync Plug-ins: 

  • Several integrations with Google Services, MS Oulook and MS Lync

Important Notes:

Please note that SLC5.x is not supported under 3.x version. To run Vidyo on SLC5.x platforms please use this client: 

For MacOSX users: version 3.0.3 of the MACOSX client is supported only from 10.6 above. if you are runnning an earlier version than 10.6 and 3.0.3 doesn't work for you, please use this earlier client: 

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