Lync Service

Lync provides extended collaboration features like phone calls, instant messaging, presence, integration with Exchange calendar, desktop sharing, etc.

All CERN accounts are activated on Lync. After installing the application it's possible to use standard features e.g. instant messaging, presence etc.

The feature to place phone calls on Lync application is activated when a CERN landline phone number is migrated to Lync Phone system (see the information below).

When a phone number is migrated to Lync Phone system then a person can make/receive calls using Lync IP Phones or Lync application (Windows/Mac/iPhone/Windows Phone).

Note: Alcatel IP Phones and phone analog devices are not compatible with Lync Phone system. Buy a Lync IP Phone in CERN store, use a headset with Lync application on Windows/Mac or install Lync on a smartphone (iPhone/Android/Windows Phone).

Lync as a phone

People having CERN fixed phone number activated on Lync phone system can use Lync IP Phones and softphones.
Lync IP Phone provides standard phone functionalities. Moreover it adds integration with CERN calendar and CERN mailbox.

  • Information about missed calls are delivered to CERN mailbox.
  • Voice messages are delivered to CERN mailbox

When Lync application is installed on supported computer operating system then it can be used as a softphone:

  • Making calls by just one mouse click.
  • Redirect calls with an easy and intuitive way (2 mouse clicks).

Lync standard features

All CERN users can install Lync application on computers. Lync provides:

  • Instant Messaging and presence
  • Integration with CERN Address Book and CERN calendar
  • Sharing materials functionalities (presentations, documents...)
  • Integration with OWA (Webmail).

Lync will increase your productivity when working in teams (especially when working with Outlook) and as the extension to Lync phone systems. We recommend to use Vidyo for any video meeting.

Lync community

For useful information, tips and discussions check Lync community web site

Quick start guide for Lync phone system



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