Companies under contract with CERN


I work for an external company. Can I have a CERN GSM supbsription?


The purchase of a mobile phone and accessories by and for companies at CERN is not authorized.

A CERN mobile subscription (only SIM card) is authorized, for as long as the CERN person in charge of the contract judges it necessary. The process is controlled through EDH form which provides the following :


Allows the CERN person responsible for the contract, in collaboration with the COMPANY representative, to prepare the request.
The printed copy of this request is given for signature to the representative of the COMPANY and the EDH request is sent by the CERN person in charge for the contract.


Must be made by the CERN person in charge when the contract terminates or when the subscription is no longer required.

The expenses of subscription and traffic are charged to the CERN budget code and rebilled to the company.

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