Hardware repair

Apple hardware repair procedure depends on the following factors:

  • has the hardware been bought through the CERN stores,
  • is the hardware still under warranty.

The Service Desk can be contacted for assistance.

Hardware bought through the CERN stores still under warranty

If your Mac hardware has been bought through the CERN stores, it is under warranty for 2 years from the time of delivery and the CERN stores can handle the transport for you. Please contact the Service Desk. If a hardware repair is indeed necessary, the Service Desk can arrange for the equipment to be picked up from your office. After the assesment of the problem, the following steps can be used to launch the repair under warranty:

  1. Create a Shipping Request in EDH: https://edh.cern.ch/Document/SupplyChain/SHIP,
  2. Set the Shipping Type to: "Repair of Standard Equipment" and enter the serial number of your Mac.
    1. The serial number of your mac is printed in small print at the bottom of your Mac. You can also check it out programatically as explained here.
    2. Note that some Macs were registered with and additional "S" before the actual serial number. If in EDH you don't find your Mac's real serial number, please try with the "S" at the beginning, for example: SC02FQ0SUDDR4.
    3. Only if the serial number you entered is found in the PC Shop database, fields like the "Recipient's address" and the "Item" to be shipped will be pre-filled and the other fields needed for this type of shipping will be enabled.
  3. Change the Recipient's address to: "ART COMPUTER SA, 81 Route des Bois des Freres, 1219 Le Lignon (ART-02, SC01)", the address for the SAV (service apres vente) of ART. Be careful, by default EDH selects the commercial desk of ART instead of the SAV address. If the address of the commercial desk is used there will be additional delays and an increased risk of confusion.
  4. In the "Other Comments" section fill the "Detailed description of the problem". Put your name, office address and phone number in the same field, so that the repair shop can contact you if needed.
  5. Select external shipping.
  6. Sign and send the EDH document.
  7. Print out the EDH form.
  8. Pack up the Mac, and join the printed EDH form.

Note: all the portable Macs from the CERN stores have "Propriete CERN" and the CERN logo laser-engraved at the bottom.

Hardware no longer under warrantee or hardware bought not through the CERN stores

Art Computer is a nearby Apple Certified software and hardware service center and they can handle Apple hardware repairs:

ART Computer SA - Châtelaine
81 Route du Bois-des-Frères
1219 Le Lignon
Tel.: 0227951000

Sending your Mac hardware for repair by external company

To send your computer for repair, you can make a shipping request in EDH.

  1. For  shipping, please fill in the form with the correct values: your name and your office location as well as the details of your computer (see the example below).
    If you would like to take your computer directly to Art Computer, please specify it in the comment field and pass by GS-SEM-LS Shipping (Bld 73 1-013) to get a "facture pro forma" for Art Computer.
  2. For return from repair: in case you pick up your computer directly from Art Computer, it is imperative that you pass by the reception (Bld 194) and register the material return.
  3. For payment - if not covered by the guarantee - you will get an offer for the repair from Art Computer for with which you make a DAI.

Example of a shipping request for repair with Art Computer:

Apple warranty: 1, 2 or 3 years?

By default, Apple provides a limited world-wide warranty for 12-months following the date of purchase.

Based on Swiss law, Apple provides 2-year warranty, as explained at http://www.apple.com/chfr/legal/statutory-warranty/. Please note that the conditions between the 1st and 2nd year of the warantee can be different as explained in this document.

Apple also proposes an optional paid 3-year warranty extention. Considering the cost of this extension, the hardware failure rates and the drop in the value of the equipment with time, the CERN IT department advises against purchasing this warranty extension.

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