Install applications

The Mac Self-Service is the most convenient way to install software packages at CERN. Check it out now:

Mac Self-Service

Very few applications (engineering and mathtools) for Mac OS X are still available from the central repository on DFS:

The Mac Desktop Service team manages software licenced from the following vendors: Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Parallels.

LabVIEW is also available from this repository, but licenses are managed by their respective support teams.

There are several math tools available at CERN, please refer to to see which is the most appropriate for your usage. You must sign in to be able to see the contents of that page.

The hpglview application is also available from the central repository. For more information about hpglview see

Additional software products (Apple OS X Server, individual products of the Adobe suite(except for Acrobat Pro which is available without registration from the above mentioned repository)) are available on request via the Service Portal.

Other software products frequently used, but not specifically licensed to CERN, include:

Licence Obligations

Software is licenced to CERN users under conditions that vary depending on the software vendor. CERN users are required to comply with the licence agreements.

Depending on the licence conditions, software packages available from the central software repository are instrumented with the K2 client and/or the OCS Inventory Agent in order to allow management of the licence numbers and the corresponding contracts.

If the device on which you intend to install this software is owned by an external university or institute, please ensure that you have the right to authorise the installation.

License Conditions

Most of our licenses are concurrent licenses, the more users run the program in parallel the more licenses we have to buy. So please quit programs you currently don't need to avoid wasting license fees.

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