Indico is a web-based event management system, which provides features for organising events of all sizes, ranging from lectures to big conferences. It's also an Open Source project developed at CERN and used in more than 150 other institutions world wide.

Indico provides features for the management of the entire conference lifecycle, as well as for meetings and single lectures:

  • A catalogue of events, organized in a hierarchy of Categories;
  • One-click web page creation for your event;
  • Archival of materials such as presentations;
  • for Conferences:
    • Registration form customization;
    • On-line payment support;
    • Abstract submission and reviewing;
    • Paper submission and reviewing;
  • A powerful Room Booking System.

Besides these basic features, Indico provides as well:

  • Event evaluation surveys;
  • Integrated support for videoconferencing software (i.e. Vidyo);
  • Integrated workflow for recording and webcast requests;
  • iCalendar (*.ics) and Atom feeds, as well as JSON through a REST API;
  • Multilingual interface (internationalization);
  • Support for different time zones;


The Indico Team also manages the Burotel service, which is based on the same technology and is used by the Experiments to book temporary workspaces Organization-wide.

Usage and Alternatives

While Indico offers hosting of any type for meeting-related files and documents, institutional document archives such as CDS and EDMS should be considered first when storing scientific documents, pictures and videos for the former, or technical documentation for the latter. If the contents to be stored are not related to any event or are not meant to be shared publicly or within a community, CERNBox may be a better choice.

Supported Clients

Information about supported browsers can be found here.

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