OCS Inventory Agent

The OCS Inventory Agent for Mac OS is intended to gather information about the hardware and software of the Mac's at CERN, which helps the Mac Desktop Service team provide better service. It also allows the remote installation of software packages. The same tool is already deployed in CERN's Linux computers.

The agent runs with local admin privileges. Information collection takes a few seconds each day and puts very little load on the Mac. It is non-intrusive and runs in the background in a transparent mode.  The reports generated do not contain information about user activities or user files and are only accessible by the Mac Desktop Service team, which is committed to ensuring their confidentiality.

At CERN, the OCS Inventory Agent package is bundled together with most of the licensed third party software available at CERN. It is also available in the software repository of CERN for Mac computers, from the “Utilities/OcsInventory” directory. The installer is pre-configured for the CERN setup, there is no need to change any of the proposed settings.

If the device on which you intend to install this software is owned by an external university or institute, please ensure that you have the right to authorise the installation.

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