Telecom Billing

Communication details

Professional communications

The communication details for groups/ teams are available in AIS (authentication required): 
CET Transactions By Cost Centre 
CET Telephone Details 
CET Telephone Summaries 
HRT Telephone Privileges

Private communications

If you have subscribed to a private option, the communication details for the last 6 months are available in AIS -> HRT -> Persons -> HRT Telephone Details

The private expenses are deducted monthly from your salary:

  • “TELEPH. PRIVES” corresponds to the PABX traffic invoice 
  • “TELEPH. PRIVES GSM” corresponds to the GSM traffic invoice

We remind you that by demanding a private subscription, neither refund nor contestation of call/data expenses will be possible.


For the questions regarding the mobile phone costs, please refer to this link: Mobile tariffs

Please note that the PABX traffic price list is strictly confidential and cannot be divulged in order to preserve price competitiveness.

Billing process

CERN telecom bills are processed in two steps:

1. Telephone exchange (PABX) traffic

PABX traffic includes:

  • All calls made from CERN landlines
  • All GSM calls made on Swisscom Network (no roaming)

The monthly billing is established at every 26th and covers the period from the 26th of the previous month to the 25th of the current month.

2. GSM traffic

GSM traffic includes:

  • All GSM calls made on roaming
  • All GSM Data connections on roaming
  • All SMS and MMS

The monthly billing is established at the beginning of each month for the entire previous month. 


For any additional information please contact the Telecom Lab at 77777 or send an email to

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