Migration from MyTeamWork to Vidyo

The IT-CS MyTeamWork audioconferencing service will be phased-out end of 2014 and current users are encouraged to move to the fully supported IT service for real-time collaboration, Vidyo.

This page explains to users how to find equivalent MyTeamWork features in Vidyo and outlines the major differences.

 MyTeamWork Feature Equivalent Feature in Vidyo 

Max. number of users in a single conference: 60

Max. number of concurrent calls: 400

Max. number of users in a single conference: no theoretical limit within the current license

Note: The max. number of users in single conference that Vidyo had up to now for the LHC was 252

Max. number of concurrent calls (system license): 1600

Note: The max. number of concurrent users Vidyo had up to now for the LHC was 851. The daily average of concrete usage is above 600 users at peak times.

For more information see: http://avc-dashboard.web.cern.ch/Vidyo

Conference Organisation concepts allowing to:

  • Differentiate access rights and previleges
  • Connect anonymous callers/users
  • Connect via phone or Web applications

These features are fully reproduced in the Vidyo environment. A set of HowTos is available namely:

Connect Via Desktops, H323 rooms, mobile devices and traditional phones:

Running conferences from a Web interface as an organiser:

  • Instant messaging (IM) including individual and group messages
  • Call participants
  • Self-mute a line 
  • Lock a conference 
  • Mute/Unmute a line (organiser)
  • Icon showing the current talking person
  • Call-back phone function

The Vidyo environment reproduces basically all this features (except one) with some differences:

  • There is no indication of the current talker. This feature has been requested.
  • The call-back feature for phone connections doesn't exist. This feature is replaced by the possibilty to call a local phone number from a pool of phone numbers available:
  • The call-back function is present for any IP based connection (Desktops, Smartphones, H323 and SIP based devices).

Additional features are available in Vidyo but not available in MyTeamWork:

  • Video display (up to 16 simultaneous streams)
  • Document and Application sharing 
  • Full screen sharing 

After conference management:

  • Logs of any join/leave actions
  • History of IM conversations
  • Voice Recording and Playback of the conference
  • Detailed logs and histories of conferences are available only for sys admins. 
  • Chat and IM histories are not kept for the moment
  • Recording of voice, video and presentation sharing is possible. For more information on this see the HowTo:

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows XP, Vista, Widows 7, with Internet Explorer 8,9 or Firefox (3.6 to 11)
  • MacOSX with Safari 5.1 or Firefox 3.6 to 11
  • Linux with Firefox 11

Supported platforms:

Windows (including Windows 8), MacOSx (no browser restrictions on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari). Package also available from CMF for CERN centrally managed Windows desktops

Selected Linux flavours (with Firefox):

  • Ubuntu
  • SLC 5.x, SLC 6.3 and SLC 6.4 (available directly from the CERN SLC repositories)
  • Fedora Core 20
  • Debian
  • OpenSuse

Smartphones and Tablets:

  • IOS (iphones and iPads)
  • Android 

End User costs:

  • Participants call a Swiss number at their charge
  • Call-back costs are charged to the conference organiser 

End User costs:

  • IP based connections (via VidyoDesktops, H323/SIP clients and smartphones) are free to the end user (no time limit,  including download of the VidyoDesktop client all platforms)
  • Participants calling the pool of phone numbers available are charged at a local cost (free from inside the institute that holds a Vidyo phone access). 

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