Recommended Peripherals for Desktops

To ensure good audio quality (specially to avoid disrupting a whole meeting because of poor audio setup), it's absolutely critical that you use a high-quality headset or a speakerphone (combined speaker and microphone) with built-in echo suppression.

We recommend the following hardware for desktop videoconferences, all of which can be purchased from the CERN stores:

Webcams: Logitech HD Pro C920

Headsets: Logitech h570e (USB interface)

Speakerphones: Phoenix Executive (USB and RJ11 interfaces)

Very Important Note: When lauching for the first time the VidyoDesktop client, the software echo suppression built-in in will be activated by default. If you use an headset or an echo suppression speakerphone, the feature should be turned off. Not doing this may result in audio cuts from your setup. 

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