Service Scope

Service Name

Vidyo - Desktop Videoconferencing for CERN and the LHC communities


Eligible Users

The service is opened to all CERN users who own a valid, active, CERN primary account. The acount is automatically imported to Vidyo the first time one logs in. Once imported, users can login to the CERN Vidyo portal and book Vidyo resources using Indico. Registered users can use all the Vidyo service features and can also invite non-registered users to Vidyo meetings.

Non-registered users can be invited to meetings as Guests. They cannot login nor create Vidyo meetings or book other service resources on Indico. Exceptionally, Lightweight accounts can be activated on Vidyo, strictly for local support purposes and on request to explaining the scope of use. They will be able to login, have a private room, but won't be able to create Vidyo meetings.

Clients and Service Infrastructure

Vidyo Desktop clients run in Windows, Mac and Linux. H.323/SIP devices, Android and IOS devices and traditional phone connections are supported.

The service infrastructure is composed of 2 redundant central servers (Vidyo portals at CERN production and backup), and routers deployed in several strategic places worldwide (mostly LCG Tier 1 centers), 3 H323/SIP gateway clusters located at CERN and Internet2 network (US) and 1 VidyoReplay appliance for recording of vidyoconferences.

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