SVN Service

SVN is a Version Control Service (also known as Revision control) providing the means to manage changes to source code, and other information stored as computer files. SVN is scheduled to be closed on February 2019.

SVN is the older, centralised version control service at CERN. SVN repositories are hosted on a cluster with the data in AFS. There is also a Git service for those who wish to work with a modern, distributed VCS.

For all new projects we recommend Gitlab, while SVN is still maintained for current users. We recommend all our users to plan for a migration from SVN to GitLab.

How to migrate a repository from SVN to Git

SVN Closure Plan OTG0042124


  • February 2018: A (short) survey will be sent to all active SVN
    repository owners
  • From June 2018 (repeated monthly): All repositories not accessed in the previous 6 months will be archived. An access is any operation using the command line (checkout, commit, update, ...) against the central repository.
  • 1st February 2019: The service will be set as READ ONLY during 6 months. The projects will be set as READ ONLY progressively during the month.
  • From 1st June 2019: all remaining SVN repositories will be archived and the server infrastructure will be dismantled:
    − Repositories will be offline: no CLI, no WEB, nor file system access
    − Repository owner can request retrieval of a compressed copy from a protected area of CASTOR
  • January 2020: the server infrastructure will be dismantled.
  • An archival of a repository can be launched by the
    repository owner from

This is the CERN Central SVN service run by the IT Department.

Supported Clients

The SVN client installation on lxplus (SLC6) is the reference, all other clients are the responsibility of the user.

Please refer to the documentation for more information.

User Responsibilities

The users of the SVN service are responsible for the software code and other files checked in to SVN and the compliance with the CERN Computing Rules.

SVN project librarians are responsible for granting access and maintenance of the repository. Please refer to the Service Description for further details.

Please note that the recommended Version Control Service at CERN is now Gitlab.  New SVN projects are not created anymore.

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