B 31 600 28: Fire Detection Test


12 Sep 2019


The fire detection test is now over and therefor any evacuation alarm as of now should be considered as real and lead to the immediate evacuation of the building.


Fire detection test will be acarried out on Thursday, September 12th between 06:00 am and 07:30 am in the buildings 31 600 and 28.

The purpose of this test is to ensure that safety equipment such as fire doors, lifts and sirens work properly.

The triggering of sirens will generate noise for those present in your buildings.

Wearing ear protections is highly recommended.

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Building(s) affected

All (513, 31, 600, 28)


For any safety matters, contact the Territorial Safety Officer (TSO) of the building concerned. Find your TSO.

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10 Sep 2019

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12 Sep 2019

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