B31 & B513: Restrooms / Toilettes


26 Oct 2016 to 28 Oct 2016


Dear all,

the heavy works being carried outside IT building to fix the problems on the waste water evacuation are having more impact than originally announced. The situation should improve during the afternoon but until then please be extremely careful when leaving B31 or B513 torwards the main car park as the evacuation routes are either totally or partially blocked. In the event of an unexpected evacuation of either of the buildings please use the temporary exit routes to reach the assembly point as shown on the document included on this page.

Best regards,




Dear colleagues,

As you may have noticed some maintenance work are being performed for the drain of our buildings 31 and 513.

We are asked to limit our usage of the restrooms on:

  • 26 and 27 for building 31
  • 27 and 28 for building 513

Please, pay extra attention while passing the installations as they are on the pedestrian way.

The work site should be over on Friday.

Thank you for your understanding


Chers collègues,

Comme vous l’avez noté des travaux de maintenance sont effectués sur les évacuations de nos bâtiments 31 et 513.

On nous demande de limiter notre usage des toilettes comme suit :

  • Les 26 et 27 pour le bâtiment 31
  • Les 27 et 28 pour le bâtiment 513

Veuillez aussi redoubler de vigilance en passant a proximité des installations car celles-ci coupent les passages pour piétons.

Le chantier devrait être levé ce Vendredi

Merci pour votre comprehension

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For any safety matters, contact the Territorial Safety Officer (TSO) of the building concerned. Find your TSO.

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25 Oct 2016

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27 Oct 2016

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