Safety inside the Data Centre

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Mandatory ear protection wearing

As requested by HSE, ear protections are mandatory as of September 14th 2015, for everyone entering any of the following rooms of the Computer Centre :

  • 513-R-050
  • 513-S-034
  • 513-R-060

The Data Centre Visit Point 513-1-021 is not concerned by these new measures.


CERN guides should also be wearing ear protections and encourage visitors to use the ones available from dispensers installed at each entry of the computer centre rooms.

Because of the noise level inside the rooms explanations should be given as much as possible outside the computer centre and visits should strictly follow the visit path. Some specific areas are however more appropriate for short discussion inside the computer centre.

More information on the visit path can be found on the maps below.



Safety Code

In addition to wearing ear protections people allowed in the computing rooms will have to comply with the A8 Safety Code, follow appropriate training on noise risks and ensure medical follow-up is made:

The access to the computing rooms will be revoked for people who enter the rooms without ear protections and/or do not comply with the A8 Safety Code

The general rules and regulations for entering the computing rooms are available at