There are two known issues with the Big Screen; fortunately both are quick to resolve and should allow you to continue without too much disruption.

Screen Freeze during Presentation

It can happen that the Big Screen freezes and you are unable to progress. This manifests itself as the image stuck on screen, and not responding to any buttons.

If the screen fails to respond, you should immediately alert the CC Operator on duty (downstairs).

The Operator can immediately perform a remote reboot which takes less than 10 seconds.

Under no circumstances should the screen be left abandoned and no-one alerted, as this presents an awkward situation for the following tour group.

Please also alert Cath Noble if this happens so we can log the frequency of incidents, and understand what happened immediately before the screen froze.

Screen goes black instead of transparent

If you hit the 'go to transparent' toggle and you see a black screen (see screenshot below), then this means one of the controllers has crashed. This is a little more serious but can be resolved in a few minutes.

Again, you need to alert the CC Operator immediately. S/he will then toggle one of the power-switches in the VisitPoint's electrical supply. Be warned - all the ceiling lights will go off until the electricity has been reset (up to 30 seconds).

You will be able to go to transparent as soon as the CC Operator has completed the operation.