Collaboration, Devices & Applications


The group Collaboration, Devices and Applications (CDA) provides information services such as video conferencing, webcast & recording, indico, the CERN Document Server (CDS), document conversion, printing, e-mail, IP telephony, the Invenio Digital Library Framework, Windows' environment tools, web services, authentication and authorisation services, e-publishing and software development tools on a range of devices, such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Section/unit/leader Description
Applications & Devices


Leader: Michal Kwiatek

This section currently supports Windows and Mac computers, public screens and printing and provides over 100 applications including mechanical engineering tools, mathematics tools, electronic design automation tools, general productivity applications and antivirus. In addition, we manage over 600 servers and provide configuration management tools for a large community of local administrators.


We aspire to extend our services to a wider set of devices and facilitate coherent use of IT services when accessed from multiple devices.



Digital Repositories


Leader: Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez

This section provides services and expertise on Digital Library Technology, Open Data and related projects. In more detail:

Integrated Collaboration


Leader: Thomas Baron

This section provides a wide range of AudioVisual & Collaborative Services e.g. webcast, indico, e-mail, authentication. See the full list here:

Web Frameworks


Leader: Andreas Wagner

This section provides services around Web content and application publishing, and software development tools for version control and issue tracking. See more here: