Computing Facilities


The Computing Facilities (CF) group manages and operates the CERN Computer Centre and associated Computing Facilities as well as the workflow-based central IT tools.


Section/unit/leader Description
Facility Planning & Procurement


Leader: Eric Bonfillou

Procurement of computing equipment for the Computer Centre and associated Computing Facilities, including the related deployment, testing and support activities, as well management of the complete hardware lifecycle. Maintain an up-to-date hardware inventory for computing equipment installed in the centralized computing facility.

Technology Competence Centre where members of the section evaluate and integrate cutting-edge ICT solutions together with CERN Openlab collaborators and Techlab.

Service Management


Leader: Natalie Kane

Provides and supports tools for the automated operation of large scale computing facilities as well as the workflow based central IT tools.

Data Centre Operations


Leader: obarring

Operations of the CERN main Data Centre and associated Computing Facilities, including:

  • Commissioning, decommissioning and 24/365 support for the equipment in the computing rooms
  • Plan and design optimisation of the computing rooms as well as remote hosting
  • Participate in design of possible future on-premises data centre facilities
  • Liaise with technical groups responsible for electrical and cooling infrastructure
  • Develop tools for monitoring and management of the data centre infrastructure