IT Innovation Review Board (IRB)


The Innovation Review Meetings are the intra and inter-departmental governance body that establishes, maintains, and reviews the innovation projects jointly engaging IT department services and other CERN departments programmes. Portfolio management is based on the project lifecycle operated by the IT Project Management Office (PMO). The Innovation Review Meetings identify opportunities arising from the ideation meetings, assess whether the portfolio aligns with the IT strategic direction and the user needs, make go/no-go decisions on whether to put forward opportunities for Demand Management Review Board to approve new projects, review on-going projects results, and recommend corrective actions in case of issues with execution and delivery.


The Innovation Ideation Meetings are chaired by a person appointed by the IT Innovation Lead with the support of a secretary from Business Engagement. The regular members are R&D, Industrial Partnerships, and EC Programmes Sub-Leads, the Strategy & Executive Governance Lead, the Business Engagement Lead, the Technical Delivery Lead. An open invitation is issued to members of CERN personnel.

Alberto di Meglio