The importance of computing at CERN contributes to grow through various collaborations. The IT Department is involved in a range of technically challenging projects, committed to innovation and development in large scale distributed computing, networking, large scale data management and storage, and industry collaboration.

CERN Initiatives

WLCG logo Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG)
Our flagship project, a global collaboration linking grid infrastructures and computer centres worldwide. WLCG distributes, stores and analyses the immense amounts of data generated by the LHC.
CERN openlab logo CERN openlab
CERN openlab is a collaboration between CERN and industrial partners to develop new knowledge in Information and Communication Technologies through the evaluation of advanced solutions and joint research to be used by the worldwide community of scientists working at the LHC.
QTI logo CERN Quantum Technology Initiative (QTI)
In collaboration with the high-energy physics and quantum-technology research communities, CERN aims to assess the potential impact of quantum technologies on future programmes and to prepare skills and resources required for future generations of researchers to further investigate and better understand how to apply quantum technologies to their specific research fields, be it computational chemistry or materials science, high-energy-physics or space applications.
DPHEP logo Data Preservation in High Energy Physics (DPHEP)
This is a collaboration of several major institutes, supporting data preservation and long term analysis in High Energy Physics. 
LHC@Home logo LHC@Home
LHC @ Home is a volunteer computing platform where you donate idle time on your computer to help physicists compare theory with experiment, in the search for new fundamental particles and answers to questions about the Universe. 
Zenodo Zenodo
The OpenAIRE project, in the vanguard of the open access and open data movements in Europe was commissioned by the EC to support their nascent Open Data policy by providing a catch-all repository for EC funded research. CERN, an OpenAIRE partner and pioneer in open source, open access and open data, provided this capability and Zenodo was launched in May 2013.
opendata logo CERN Open Data Portal
The CERN Open Data portal is the access point to a growing range of data produced through the research performed at CERN. It disseminates the preserved output from various research activities, including accompanying software and documentation which is needed to understand and analyze the data being shared.

Externally-funded projects

The IT Department is involved in extensive development in grid computing, networking, storage and industry collaboration.

European Commission


See the IT Dept Project Office EU Project list for more information (CERN SSO required).

Other IT Projects

CERN's IT department is heavily involved in other infrastructure-building projects on a global scale.

See the CERN IT Project Portfolio Management Office (CERN SSO required) for more information and the IT Project Portfolio Review for contacts (CERN SSO required).