Desktop and Laptop Computer Hardware


These pages describe purchasing, warranty/repair and disposal procedures for standard desktop and laptop computer hardware recommended by the IT department and available from the CERN stores based on the ongoing contracts with hardware vendors.

  • The contract for laptops and screens is a one year contract and the standard configurations are updated every year according to the results of a competitive tendering process. 
  • The contract for desktop hardware for Windows and Linux is for 3 years.
  • The contract for Mac desktop and laptop computer hardware is renewed yearly, but the recommend standard configurations are updated as soon as new configurations are announced by Apple.    


Support and compatibility

Supported computer configurations depend on the operating system:

  • Windows: standard desktop and laptop configurations are compatible and supported,  
  • Mac OS: only Apple hardware is compatible and supported,
  • Linux: standard desktop configurations are compatible and supported. Standard laptop configurations are generally compatible, but they are not officialy supported.

All the standard screens are compatible and supported for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.