Disposal and recuperation

Disposal and recuperation:

Your Device is not working anymore, you want to throw it away?

Please ask a technician via a snow ticket. He will come, take your device and send it to the recuperation service. If it is a desktop or a laptop the disk will be erased by the technician. You can specify if you want a software or a physical destruction of the hard drive.

If you want to erase all data by your own please follow the procedure and place your old laptop/desktop in a red container available outside several buildings or bring it to Building 133 Reception (Ground Floor) open Monday-Friday 8:30-11:30 and 13:30-16:00.

Do not forget to inform your inventory responsible that your device is going to be destroyed or bought. You can find a list of Inventory responsible here.

You also have to update the network registration of your device in the network database.

Note that if your device is still working it is possible to buy it for a personal use. To do so, it has to be organised via the Recuperation Service, and normally this is for material declared as useless or very low value by your Group Leader and your Department (under the control of the Recuperation Service). You can find the form to fill here.