eduroam for visitors to CERN

Firstly, please note that your connection to our eduroam Wi-Fi network is with your eduroam home institution credentials. Please make sure everything is ready for you to use eduroam before travelling to CERN. Information on the Eduroam credentials and configuration set up you need is provided by your home institution. Your local IT helpdesk should be able to provide you with the required information and assistance.

Once at CERN, you should connect to the eduroam SSID and open a browser connection to a web page of your choice. You will be presented with a screen asking you to agree to respect the CERN computing rules, and once you have agreed, the CERN network will be reconfigured to permit connections from your device. You should wait a short while (up to two minutes) and then reset your Wi-Fi connection (or reboot your device) and you should be connected to eduroam.

The connection process at CERN is a little more complicated than at most sites as you have access to the CERN Intranet as well as to the Internet. This means that if the eduroam SSID is not yet available (for example in the CERN hostel), you can connect to the CERN or CERNn SSIDs if you have first connected to eduroam.

In addition to the support provided by your home organisation, you are welcome to contact the CERN Service Desk for best-effort local assistance. Please either