Fixed Phones

This service is responsible for the installation, configuration, operation and maintenance of the fixed line telephone infrastructure and services including telephony clients, the call centers (Fire Brigade, Service Desk, IT Helpdesk) and telephone switchboard.

Fixed telephony softphone clients are provided via CERNphone.

  • CERNphone: new softphone application developed by IT department as an alternative to current fixed telephony solutions. Users having already a personal or shared number (analogue or IP Alcatel) are invited to migrate their number to CERNphone. Newcomers should create their CERNphone number

CERNphone can be used from everywhere: your office, from home, on the field, on travel, etc. CERNphone consists of a dedicated SIP backend, configuration and provisioning web interfaces as well as two phone applications:

  • CERNphone mobile: A mobile softphone app for iOS and Android, based on the popular Linphone open source client and customised to CERN needs.
  • CERNphone desktop: A desktop softphone for Windows, macOS and Linux developed at CERN.


Other legacy solutions (being decommissioned):

The migration of Alcatel phones (analogue, ISDN, IP) will take place during 2023.