IP Alcatel phones


Over time, several fixed telephony technologies have been implemented at CERN and coexist until now:

  • CERNphone: new softphone application developed by IT department in the context of the MALT project, as an alternative to current fixed telephony solutions.  Users having already a personal or shared number (analogue, IP Alcatel or SfB) can migrate their number to CERNphone. Newcomers are also welcome to create their CERNphone number (see KB0007095). 

         CERNphone consists of a dedicated SIP backend, configuration and provisioning web interfaces as well as two phone applications:

  1. CERNphone mobile: A mobile softphone app for iOS and Android, based on the popular Linphone open source client and customised to CERN needs.
  2. CERNphone desktop (pilot phase): A desktop softphone for Windows, macOS and Linux developed at CERN. 
  • Skype for Business (SfB): deployed at CERN since 2013. This telephony solution is replaced by CERNphone. If you are about to create a new phone number, unless you have a justified need for using Skype for Business telephony, you should create it directly on CERNphone (see CERNphone: migration and installation guide). 

  • IP Alcatel phones: deployed between 2006 and 2014. Currently, only people having already an IP Alcatel device can still request for a new phone number. Purchasing new IP Alcatel devices is no longer possible.

  • Analogue phones: obsolete fixed phone technology, deployed until 2009. The replacement of the analogue phones is ongoing, they are not installed or maintained anymore.

IP Alcatel phones

There are two different IP Alcatel phones at CERN (no more available in the CERN Stores) :

Alcatel IP Touch 4028 and 4068

The main characteristics are as follows:
• Adjustable graphical display
• Programmable soft keys
• Voice Mail LED key
• Hands-free operation
• Loudspeaker
• Alphabetic keypad (dial by name)

In addition, the model 4068 has a color display, more contextual keys and possibly of a wireless connection (Bluetooth or headset for example).

  1. Alcatel IP touch 4028 model 

Quick Guide (en) / Mode d'emploi (fr)

  1. Alcatel IP touch 4068 model 

Quick Guide (en) / Mode d'emploi (fr)

There are additional features (cordless handset for A4068 as example). Please contact the Telecom Services (telecom.services@cern.ch, tel. 77777) if you would like more information about it.

Note that these appliances are compatible only with the CERN telephone infrastructure and cannot be used as a telephony solution in other environments. 

For more details or in case of malfunction, please contact the Telecom Services (telecom.services@cern.ch, tel. 77777)