Early adopters

What is the purpose of "Early adopters"?

The idea of "early adopters" came out when meeting people at CERN and discussing features available on softphones. People were not fully aware about these advantages or even it was not obvious how to use softphones.

At CERN there are different communities of people (physicists, administrative staff, computing engineers, technicians etc). Each community can have different use cases and our aim is to find what are the most important features per community and then properly inform people.


Early adopters can be involved when deploying new services, new devices, testing new features. Early adopters can also propagate the information formally or informally between colleagues, within groups and departments.  


How to join the community?

Anyone with a CERN account can join the community. You can join "Early adopters" channel on Mattermost portal by following those steps:

  1. Join the "IT-dep" team on Mattermost: http://cern.ch/go/zl6h (if you are not already a member of "IT-dep" team) 
  2. Join the "Early Adopters" channel: http://cern.ch/early-adopters

On Mattermost you can be member of several teams, and each team can have many channels. To access "Early adopters" channel change in the left bar a team to "IT-dep" and then choose "Early adopters" channel, or use directly the link: http://cern.ch/early-adopters


Why should I join the community?

There might be several reasons:

  • Getting access to new services, products, devices etc.
  • Sharing your experience with others over coffee, lunch etc.
  • Increase your visibility - act as a representative of "Early adopters" community. We/you prepare a presentation and then you present it inside your group/department. 
  • Help to identify and promote features that are the most important for your community


What do you expect from me?

We expect you to use "some" of the services/devices that we evaluate. Speaking technically:

  • Check the channel on Mattermost at least once a week
  • Participate in tests that you find interesting, useful
  • Share your comments, idea, questions on Mattermost


Please join "Early Adopters" on Mattermost and the e-group. Use new devices, services, new features. Be the first to share the news over coffee, lunch or during an official meeting within your group/department.